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We at www.dtf-world.de have specialized in DTF transfers and textile printing for resellers. It was important to us to respond to the needs of textile finishers and that is why we have developed a concept for resellers that we would like to briefly introduce to you:

Due to the increase in the price of textiles, we wanted to find a solution for textile finishers that would compensate for this increase in costs elsewhere. In order to achieve this, we at DTF World offer the DTF Transfer by the meter for €10.00 net per LFM of 56 x 100 cm, starting with just 1 LFM.

We also sell our DTF transfers with free sizes at the same price as our meter goods and even deliver them to you pre-cut, at no extra charge.

From a total of 5 LFM we ship to you free of charge (DE).

Another problem that many textile finishers have is the long delivery times.
We ship orders to our customers within 24 hours, with no express surcharge.

Our free data check is another important part of our concept.
We do not print the sent file as you provide it to us, but rather check the printability of the file in advance. If we notice any discrepancies, we will contact you before printing begins.

To completely round off our service, we offer you the overall textile + printing concept at unbeatable wholesaler prices.
With our textile printing for resellers, we offer you the opportunity to deliver high-quality products to your customers without any reduction in quality and without delivery delays, as we ship every textile printing order within 72 hours.
In this way, we not only take the pressure off you, but also offer you a profitable opportunity to place your production in our hands.

We would look forward to working together.