We at DTF World have specifically specialized in DTF transfers for B2B customers. What defines us? We produce high quality DTF transfers at low and fair prices for resellers.

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DTF Laufmeter á 56 x 100 cm

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Entdecken Sie die unschlagbare Qualität unserer DTF-Transfers für Ihren professionellen Textildruck! Wir verwenden ausschließlich hochwertige Materialien und können dank unserer eigenen Produktion faire Preise anbieten. Unsere Produkte sind alle OEKO-TEX zertifiziert!

Free cutting

the foil. Print directly without any additional work on site.

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from 5 running meters (DE) . We ship within 24 hours from the order via UPS.

Free data check

We check the quality of the file sent in advance in order to achieve the best possible result .

Our foil = your advantage

hot strippable ✓ fair B2B prices

sent in 24h also under 1 LFM

free shipping from 5 LFM

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