DTF effect film


Create your own motifs on the 56 x 100 cm format.

ATTENTION: Delivery time for effect films extended by 3-5 working days. Mixed orders will NOT be shipped separately.

DTF glitter, gold, silver, luminous foil and much more.

effect: Glitter
White overprint: smallest line/motif is min 0.4 mm
Blockout: Normal
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Product description

  • from 1 LFM
  • CYMK + white
  • Hot peel/hot strippable
  • Washable up to 60°C. We recommend 40°C with the textile turned inside out to ensure even longer durability
  • Free data check: We print the file, not as we see it. If the file is not printable we will contact you prior to production.

Cotton and polyester materials can be printed equally well. This means you can personalize your garments at any time. However, we ask that you do your own test prints as we assume no liability.

*White is only 50% underprinted.